Financial System

The Central Bank of Barbados was established in May 1972 by the Government of Barbados to advance the pace of economic development in the country. Today the Bank has become the premier financial institution in the country and its main policy is to formulate, in association with Government, monetary and fiscal policies to assist with the country’s economic development programme.

Licensed Financial Institutions

A comprehensive list of all financial institutions licensed to operate in Barbados:

Capital Markets and Payment Systems
Saving Bonds
Treasury Notes

Procedure to obtain a duplicate Securities Certificate

In order to obtain a duplicate certificate, you are required to do the following:-

  1. Produce an affidavit to the effect that the original certificates have been lost, mislaid, stolen or destroyed.
  2. Indemnify the Government of Barbados against loss in the event that the securities are subsequently found and presented for payment.
  3. Produce evidence of two notices published in a daily newspaper (Nation or Advocate) to the effect that the original securities have been lost, stolen or destroyed.  The notices should have an interval of two (2) weeks between them
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