The Vision of the Central Bank of Barbados is to create and maintain a caring, happy, dynamic world-class organization nurtured within a cooperative culture.


The Bank’s pursuit of its Mission is guided by a set of fundamental principles and values. These define the approach to be taken by management and staff in the performance of their duties and in their interaction with each other and with the Bank’s several publics. These principles and values are as follows: -

  • Innovation and High Performance
    We believe that new ideas, the promotion of critical thinking, inquisitiveness, nimbleness and flexibility will enhance our ability to achieve high performance in all of our endeavours.
  • Integrity and Transparency
    We acknowledge that our performance, success and reputation hinge on the highest standard of ethical behaviour. We therefore promise to provide open communication and to be consistent in our application of policies across the organization. We will always practice honesty and fiscal responsibility in all of our undertakings as a way of building trust among our stakeholders and getting public support for our policy initiatives.
  • Respect and Empathy
    We are committed to building relationships through respect for each other, respect for diversity and open dialogue. We will promote and acknowledge behaviours that demonstrate genuine care and concern for the well-being and welfare of others.
  • Accountability
    We will be accountable to all of our stakeholders by being timely, open and accurate with our information and data, and in our actions. We will ensure the safety and security of all assets and resources under our responsibility, so as to engender the peace of mind of all our publics.
  • Development and Inclusiveness
    We value the development of our staff through education, training and shared knowledge and experiences. We also encourage their participation and involvement in the decision making process.
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