Central Bank of Barbados
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The Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados is Dr. Marion Williams.

Dr. Williams has worked in the area of economics and finance at the Central Bank for over 20 years. She is an economist by training, a qualified banker and a qualified accountant. She holds a PH.D. from the University of Surrey and a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of the West Indies. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers (FCIB) of the U.K., and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Dr. Williams is President of the Barbados Institute of Banking and Finance, and is a member of the Barbados Economics Society, and of the Association of Caribbean Economists.

She has also represented the Bank at several meetings and seminars, both regionally and internationally, and has published several articles in local, regional and international journals. Her previous work ranges from public finance to the development of the real sector. She has also conducted consultancies for the CARICOM Secretariat, USAID and the Commonwealth Secretariat and the ILO on areas ranging from financial management, capital market development and housing and mortgage market development and employment generation.

Before joining the Central Bank in 1973, Dr. Williams was Deputy Manager and then Manager of the Research Department of the East Caribbean Currency Authority. During her career at the Central Bank she worked in senior and management positions, including the positions of Adviser, Senior Adviser and Deputy Governor. She has been an active member of several advisory committees, both within and outside of the Bank.

She is author of the book "Liberalising a Regulated Banking System, the Caribbean Case", published by Avebury.


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