How to Avoid Falling Victim to Counterfeiters Tips for how to protect your wallet from counterfeiters this Christmas.
2018: A Look Back – Part One A recap of some of the Central Bank of Barbados' activities in the first quarter of 2018.
Transcript of the 43rd Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture Healthcare Reform and the Role of Technology by Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
45 Things You Didn't Know About Barbados' Money December 3, 2018 marks 45 years since the Central Bank of Barbados first issued Barbados' money. Here are some little known facts about the money used in Barbados over the years.
Healthcare Provisioning is a Priority in Barbados Welcome remarks by Michelle Doyle-Lowe, Deputy Governor (Ag.) of the Central Bank of Barbados at the 43rd Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture.
The Central Bank has Begun to Repay Pensioners with Government Investments Persons eligible for the revised terms of the Debt Exchange Offer should receive their first cash payment by November 29.
Securities Reserve Ratio Lowered The change goes into effect on November 29, 2018.
Barbados' Domestic Capital Market Post Debt Restructuring In his opening remarks at the opening of “Debt Exchange – Risks and Opportunities: Leveraging the Jamaican Experience”, Central Bank of Barbados Governor Cleviston Haynes announced a reduction in the securities reserve ration for commercial banks.
Focused, Timely and Relevant Research is Key to Good Policy-Making Opening remarks by Cleviston Haynes, Governor, Central Bank of Barbados at the 50th Annual Monetary Studies Conference.
New Calculation of International Reserves The calculation of international reserves has been revised in accordance with current IMF guidelines.
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