Are Crises Like Colds? The Central Bank of Barbados' 5th Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Professor Andrew K. Rose, explains why crises tend to affect multiple countries in the same region and reveals whether crises are really contagious.
Do Countries Do Well By Doing Good? Professor Andrew K. Rose, the Central Bank of Barbados' 5th Distinguished Visiting Fellow, reveals the (dollar) value of soft power.
The 5th Caribbean Economic Forum “Looking Forward: How Caribbean Nations Can Respond to Global Developments” is the topic of the Central Bank of Barbados sponsored discussion.
Professor Andrew K. Rose Talks Trade and the Economics Profession The Central Bank of Barbados' 5th Distinguished Visiting Fellow identified political and economic developments in Europe, rising interest rates and protectionism in the USA, and Brexit negotiations as three areas Barbados should monitor.
Catching Up With Matthew Clarke The Central Bank of Barbados' 2017 SPISE scholar revealed how the programme benefitted him and shared his plans for the future.
Central Bank’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow to Hold Webinar for UWI Students Andrew K. Rose, a professor in Economic Analysis and Policy at the University of California, Berkeley will present on the topic “Contagion in Currency Crises.”
Calendar of Events - Professor Andrew K. Rose The Central Bank of Barbados' 2018 Distinguished Visiting Fellow will take part in the 5th Caribbean Economic Forum and be involved in several other activities during his two-week stay.
New Book Reviews Available Now The Central Bank of Barbados Book Review Series seeks to highlight publications which offer useful insights and analysis on topics related to finance, economic development, and other issues relevant to small island developing economies. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the Central Bank of Barbados.
Productivity has the Potential to Drive Our Economic Fortunes Speaking at the 2018 Week of Excellence, Central Bank of Barbados Governor, Cleviston Haynes stressed the need for improved productivity and innovation to increase Barbados' competitiveness and assist in its economic recovery.
Limited Number of Misprinted Notes in Circulation The Central Bank of Barbados is confirming that due to a printing error, a small quantity of genuine $50 and $100 notes missing the holographic patch are in circulation.
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