The Annual Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture is sponsored by the Bank and dedicated to the memory of Barbados' first native Governor General Sir Winston Scott who died on August 9, 1976. The lecture is held each year in November or December and is delivered by noted intellectuals, experts in their field. Lectures have been delivered on a range of areas eg: Economics, Science, Culture, Health and Religion. Copies are available from the bank.

Published: Once a year. First issue 1976 Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Lecture Series with Quotes from Past Lectures

Following is a list of all lectures delivered to date:

  • 1976 Dr Ernst F. Schumacher "Independence and economic development"
  • 1977 Prof. Sir William Hawthorne "Economic prospects 1985 - 2000"
  • 1978 Prof John. G. Kemeny "Man and the computer"
  • 1979 Dr. Jean-Pierre Levy "The oceans: new frontiers for development"
  • 1980 Dr. William G. Sharwell "Planning for the 21st Century"
  • 1981 Mr Thomas P. Stafford "The future of man in space"
  • 1982 Mr Jonathan Frimpong-Ansah "The future of black Africa"
  • 1983 Prof. Sir Kenneth Stuart "Health trends in the Eighties"
  • 1984 Prof. Sir Roy Marshall "The role of the law in the process of change"
  • 1985 The Rev. Dr. Harvey Cox "Challenges to faith and religion in the Age of High Technology"
  • 1986 Dr. DeLisle Worrell "The Caribbean economy in the nineties: challenge and response"
  • 1987 Prof. Edward Kamau Brathwaite "The poet and his place in Barbadian culture"
  • 1988 Dr. E. Theodore Agard "Nuclear power and Christian ethics"
  • 1989 Mr Robert Maynard "Communications in the shrinking global village"
  • 1990 Dr. C. Fred Bergsten "The world economy after the cold war"
  • 1991 Prof. Ali Mazrui "The world with one super-power: is it a more dangerous place?"
  • 1992 Dr. Niara Sudarkasa "Education for self-reliance and self-respect: a continuing challenge for Africa and the African Diaspora"
  • 1993 Prof. Rudiger Dornbusch "World economic trends - their impact on developing countries"
  • 1994 Professor Paule Marshall "Language is the only homeland: Bajan poets abroad"
  • 1995 Dr. Therman Evans "Principles for living as long as you want and doing as much as you want"
  • 1996 Mr Maurice Strong "Environmental challenges to developing states in the twenty-first Century"
  • 1997 Professor Oliver Headley "The sun will still shine when the oil runs out"
  • 1998 Frances Cairncross "A world without distance: small developing societies too can prosper"
  • 1999 Gordon Rohlehr "George Lamming, Kamau Brathwaite: nationalists, Caribbean regionalists, internationalists."
  • 2000 Prof. Rex Nettleford "The Caribbean, The African Diaspora and The Third Millennium."
  • 2001 Edie Weiner “A view from the future : an overview of some social, economic, political and technological trends that will shape our future over the next ten years.”
  • 2002 Sir Courtney Blackman “ The free market in the context of Globalisation : myth, miracle or menace.”
  • 2003 Professor Ian Wilmut “Cloning in biology and medicine”
  • 2004 Dr David Suzuki “The Environment or the economy, what is the bottom line”
  • 2005 Dr. Edward de Bono "Moving from Information to Innovation"
  • 2006 Dr. Carlisle Boyce "Asia Pacific as an Emerging Economic Powerhouse: Implications for Barbados and the Caribbean Region"
  • 2007 Professor Joseph Stiglitz “Making Globalization Work For Developing Countries”.
  • 2008 Mr John Ralston Saul “Small countries in a big world”
  • 2009 Mr. Jeremy Rifkin “The Third Industrial Revolution and a New Social Vision for the 21st Century”
  • 2010 Dr. Irene Khan “Why Freedom Matters: Challenges and Opportunities for Human Rights in the 21st Century”
  • 2011 Prof Cardinal Warde “ Science, technology and business education reform for the Caribbean”
  • 2012 Dr. William Darity “High unemployment: global and local”
  • 2013 Dr. Victor Gooding "A View from 45 Years North - a Barbadian in Canada"
  • 2014 Professor Frances Ashcroft "Diabetes : a Tale of Genes and Sugar"
  • 2015 Dr. Nicholas Brathwaite “Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Igniting Economic Growth, Enhancing Global Significance, and Fuelling Socio-Economic Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean”
  • 2016 Dr. Richard Drayton "The Time of Sovereignty: The History of Political Independence and its Future"
  • 2017 Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Right Honourable Patricia Scotland, Q.C. "Responsiveness, Resilience and Regeneration: Building on Commonwealth Advantage for Good Governance, Prosperity and Progress.”
  • 2018 Dr. Carissa Etienne "Healthcare Reform and the Role of Technology"

Copies of the compilation "Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lectures : 1976 - 1996" are also available.

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