New Children-Friendly Video Series About the Central Bank of Barbados

Date: 4/11/2022
Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 11 Apr, 2022
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The Central Bank of Barbados recently launched a new video series as basic reference material, especially for primary school students between seven and 11 years. This educational series is intended to help entrants in the Bank’s 50th Anniversary Schools’ Essay Competition prepare their submissions.

“The competition is about the Central Bank of Barbados and its role in the lives of the students in Barbados. We have a wealth of digital content presently available on our website and social media channels. The CBB 101 series launched last year was good material for our secondary school children, but we needed more content that our primary school children would understand,” said Darrin Downes, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Exchange and Export Credit Department and Chairman of the Bank’s Planning Committee. “This video series is designed to start the conversation with primary schoolers.”

“Christopher Kinch, an extremely relatable economist within our Research and Economic Analysis Department, produced the videos. He broke the material down into bite-sized, jargon-free parts, making it a good learning option for all age groups of persons who want to understand the basics about the Central Bank.”

The Bank is hosting its anniversary celebrations under the theme “Living the Legacy: Continuing the Journey.” The essay competition is open to primary school students in classes three and four and secondary school students in fifth and sixth forms (including BCC and SJPI). It excludes the families and relatives of the current and recently retired staff of the Central Bank of Barbados. More information about the essay competition, including word limits and submission guidelines, can be found here.

 The competition excludes the families and relatives of the current and recently retired staff of the Central Bank of Barbados.


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