Guidelines To Acquiring Exchange Control Permission - Demo Page

Created 20 Sep, 1900
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Obtained from the Central Bank of Barbados. (All application forms FC, FC(1) and PP could be equally obtained from the commercial bank)

Obtained from the Inland Revenue Department of Barbados

Applications will be considered by Central Bank of Barbados, Exchange Control Department 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Mondays To Fridays


Category of Transaction


Approving Authority Required

Applications should be processed by the commercial banks and will only be considered by the Central Bank in exceptional circumstances or where periodic payments are being requested


Determined by documentary evidence provided.

 Applicant Status

Residents of Barbados Only

Documentary Evidence Required

1. Form FC(Not for Imports)   2. A Valid Student’s Visa or Letter of Acceptance from the institution concerned or Letter of Continuance if the applicant/student is already abroad.

3. Statement of related expenses from the Institution, Landlord, etc.                                              

Steps to Take

Carry out transaction at commercial bank.  Where Central Bank's approval is required, bring all required documentation and complete application form.

Further Instruction

See Cirular #14 for full details for Education



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