Missing One Hundred Dollar Notes

Created 23 Dec, 2008
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Missing One Hundred Dollar Notes

The Central Bank advises that ongoing checks of its inventory have revealed one further missing bundle of one hundred dollar notes, bearing serial numbers from E 21342001 through to E 21343000. The police have been advised.

Members of the public who come into possession of any of the notes with serial numbers in the range indicated above should not negotiate the notes but bring them directly to the Central Bank. The Bank has also advised financial institutions that should any of their customers try to negotiate these notes with them, they should be directed to bring the notes to the Central Bank. The Bank will exchange the notes for other new notes.

The serial numbers of all of the missing notes, in?cluding those recovered to date, are as follows:-

E 22515001 through to E 22517000
E 22521001 through to E 22522000
E 22525001 through to E 22529000
E 22530001 through to E 22537000 and
E 21342001 through to E 21343000

The Bank deeply regrets the inconvenience to the public.


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