Call for Papers - 2018 Annual Review Seminar

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Created 07 May, 2018
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Despite the strengthening of the global economy, including the majority of emerging and developing countries, the Caribbean region continues to experience mixed economic outcomes amid the persistent challenges primarily associated with weak fiscal balances, stubbornly high or rising indebtedness and the devastation from severe hurricane damage. Furthermore, Caribbean countries could potentially suffer from the negative spillover effects from a trade war between the United States and China and the uncertainties surrounding the Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

This year’s Central Bank of Barbados’ Annual Review Seminar, “Macroeconomic Trends, Challenges, and Solutions Facing Developing Countries in the 21st Century”, seeks not only to focus on these critical challenges and resultant trends, but also to ventilate the innovative approaches and practical policy tools that cater to the unique characteristics of small developing countries in a dynamic and highly competitive world.

Seminar Topics

  • Economic Growth Trends and Challenges
  • International Business, Trade and Tourism
  • Fiscal Policy Tools and Government Operations
  • New Developments in Money and Capital Markets
  • Financial Sector and FinTech Developments
  • Other Macroeconomic Issues

Papers are welcomed from academics and practitioners in the field of economics, finance, international trade, or any related discipline.

The Submission Process

Persons interested in presenting papers on the above-mentioned topics should submit abstracts by May 25, 2018. Abstracts should be no longer than 150 words, with keywords and JEL codes listed and they should identify the relevance and objective(s) of your study, as well as its main findings and conclusions.  

General Registration

This seminar is free to all participants.  However, overseas attendees are asked to cover the cost of their travel and accommodation. Special rates will be offered by the host Hotel via a link, which will be provided on June 15, 2018.

General registration for persons not presenting papers can be submitted during the period June 5 - July 13, 2018.

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Learn more about the Annual Review Seminar as well as the submission and registration process by reading the attached brochure.


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