XXII Conference of Human Resource Managers of Central Banks in the Caribbean Region:

HR 4.0: A Perfect Vision – 2020 and Beyond”
September 26-28, 2019
Barbados Hilton Resort

Human Resource Management (HRM) has always been complex. As HR Managers operating in a central bank, this makes it even more so. We have always to take note of our environment, the changes within it and how we respond in order to get the best from our people. With the notion of HR 4.0 gaining currency, organisations will need to cope with the challenges of Industry 4.0 transformation. HR 4.0 is a new concept that is evolving as a part of the overall 4th Industrial Revolution and is characterized by innovations in emerging digital technologies for the effective management of next-generation employees.

What does this portend? As HR practitioners what can we do better in a HR 4.0 environment? How can we innovate? What must we change? How can we facilitate it? How can we effect greater efficiencies and be more effective in our delivery? What must we be mindful of?

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