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General Press Release

31 Aug 2023
Final Caribbean Economic Forum to Explore the Region’s Transition to Green Energy

The event will be broadcast live on CBC TV8 and streamed on the Central Bank of Bar...

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30 Aug 2023
All Commercial Banks to Offer a No Maintenance Fee Account

Central Bank of Barbados Deputy Governor Alwyn Jordan made the announcement during ...

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17 Aug 2023
Survey: What Does Moving to Green Energy Mean for You?

Complete a brief survey about the region’s transition to green energy.

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16 Sep 2023
The Sustainability of the Tourism Industry from a Data Analysis Perspective

Keynote Address by Central Bank of Barbados Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge at the Bar...

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25 Aug 2023
Let Hard Work Be Your Guiding Principle

Remarks by Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge at the Barbados Youth Advance Corps graduat...

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25 Jul 2023
Research is the Compass that Guides Us Through Uncharted Waters

Remarks by Central Bank of Barbados Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge at the opening of ...

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20 Sep 2023
Sustainable Practices Will Boost Barbados’ Tourism Sector

Central Bank of Barbados Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge is encouraging the sector to ...

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05 Sep 2023
The Pros and Cons of Green Energy in the Caribbean

Transitioning to green energy brings with it many benefits, but there are also seve...

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02 Sep 2023
Embracing Green Energy: Implications for Households

With the Caribbean aiming to transition to renewable energy sources, here are some ...

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