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29 Feb 2024
Using Forex Online to Replenish or Increase Your Credit Card’s Foreign Exchange Limit – Wh...

You can use Forex Online to apply to replenish or increase the foreign exchange lim...

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23 Feb 2024
Barbados No Longer Under Increased Monitoring by the FATF

The island was removed from the list following at onsite visit in January.

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22 Feb 2024
Barbados is Ripe for Investment

Presentation by Central Bank of Barbados Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge at the Busine...

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22 Feb 2024
Reverse Auction for Government Securities: Background Information and Application Form

The Government of Barbados is introducing a reverse auction for Series D Bonds.

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16 Feb 2024
Treasury Bill Issue No. 1005

The deadline to submit applications is February 22.

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12 Feb 2024
What You Should Know About Investing in BOSS+ with Someone Else

Investors can purchase BOSS+ jointly with up to two other people.

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12 Feb 2024
Disruption of Service

The Central Bank of Barbados advises that it is unable to receive calls made to its...

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08 Feb 2024
Harnessing Global Business for Sustainable Economic Growth: The Barbados Blueprint

Presentation by Central Bank of Barbados Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge to BIBA

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06 Feb 2024
Book Review: “Foreign Exchange Constraint and Developing Economies”

A review by Nicholas Landis

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03 Feb 2024
Treasury Bill Issue No. 1004

The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 1:30 p.m.

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02 Feb 2024
Outlook for Barbados’ Economy in 2024

The Central Bank of Barbados' forecast for growth, inflation, and the debt trajecto...

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31 Jan 2024
Central Bank of Barbados' Review of Barbados' Economy in 2023

Governor Dr. Kevin Greenidge also gives his outlook for 2024 and takes questions fr...

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31 Jan 2024
Comparison of Commercial Bank Fees and Charges: December 2023

List of select bank fees charged by Barbados' commercial banks as at December 31, 2...

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29 Jan 2024
Thinking of Investing? Think BOSS+

BOSS+ is a flexible investment that pays an attractive 4.5 percent interest per yea...

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18 Jan 2024
Career Opportunity: Assistant Advisor to the Deputy Governor

The deadline for applications is Friday, January 26, 2024.

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