Senior Management

Dr. R. DeLisle Worrell. Ph.D Governor
Mr. Cleviston L. Haynes, M.A. (Econ.)        Deputy Governor
Mr. Elson A. Gaskin, LL.B (UWI), L.E.C., M.B.A., M.I.C.B.S., Deputy Governor (Ag)
Ms. Sadie P.O. Dixon, LL.B., LL.M., L.E.C., Secretary to the Board (Ag)
Mrs. Michelle Doyle Lowe, B.Sc., M. Phil, CFA Director Research & Economic Analysis Department (Ag)
Mr. Michael D. Carrington, F.C.C.A., M.B.A. Financial Controller
Mr. Peter H. Whitehall, M.P.A. Advisor (Ag)
Miss Celeste J. Wood, M.Sc., M.B.A., Advisor
Mrs.Marlene E. Bayne, M.B.A. Director,Bank Supervision
Miss Janice D. Marshall, M.B.A. Director,Management Information Systems
Mr. Charles Briggs B.Sc(Elect. Eng), M.B.A., CEng Director,Facilities Management
Mr. Ian Collymore, M.Sc. Director,Foreign Exchange and Export Credit (Ag)
Miss Julia A. Weekes, B.Sc., CFA. Director,Banking, Currency and Investments
Mrs. Janis O. Marville, M.Sc Director,Human Resources
Mr. Steve A. Vaughn, C.I.A., F.C.C.A. Director,Internal Audit
Mr. Anton Belgrave Deputy Director, M.A. (Econ)            Deputy Director, Research and Economic Analysis Department
Mrs. Sheryl Perter- Kirton, M.Sc.  Deputy Director, Research and Economic Analysis Department
            -            Deputy Director, Foreign Exchange and Export Credit (Ag)
Ms. Debbie Briggs, B.Sc, FCCA Deputy Director, Banking, Currency & Investments
Miss Octavia O. Gibson, M.Sc., B.A., J.P. PMP Deputy Director, Banking, Currency & Investments
Hartley O .Jordan, MBA Deputy Director, Facilities Management
Mr. Peter deC. Rochester, M.B.A. Deputy Director, Management Information Systems
Mrs Cheryl Greenidge B.Sc. M. B. A. Deputy Director , Bank Supervision
            -            Legal Counsel (Ag)
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