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Contact Us

hrinfo@centralbank.org.bb - Human Resources Matters
hrapplications@centralbank.org.bb - Applications for Employment
(246) 427-4074 - Accounts
(246) 437-3334 - Banking
(246) 437-3334 - Bank Supervision
(246) 429-9510 - Currency
Tom Adams Financial Centre
Spry Street

Senior Officers

Senior Officers


  • Pamela Arthur, Senior Director, Human Resources
  • Cheryl Greenidge, Senior Director, Bank Supervision
  • Philmore Thorne, Chief Financial Officer, Accounts Department
  • Karla Austin, Director (Ag.), Facilities Management
  • Anton Belgrave, Director, Research & Economic Analysis
  • Novaline Brewster, Director, Communications Information and Outreach Department
  • Sadie Dixon, Secretary to the Board
  • Darrin Downes, Director (Ag.), Foreign Exchange & Fund Management
  • Heather Moore-Bernard, Director, Corporate Strategy and Risk Management
  • Steve Vaughn, Chief Internal Auditor
  • Ian Wood, Director, Management Information Systems

Deputy Directors

  • Debbie Briggs, Deputy Director, Banking, Currency and Investments
  • Rudolph Browne, Chief Statistical and Information Analyst, Research & Economic Analysis
  • Terry Burke, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Jennifer Clarke-Murrell, Deputy Director, Bank Supervision
  • Fay Downes, Deputy Financial Controller
  • Oliver Estwick, Deputy Director (Ag.), Facilities Management
  • Vincent Grosvenor, Deputy Director, Management Information Systems
  • Roger Gumbs, Deputy Financial Controller
  • Charmaine Haywood, Deputy Director, Management Information Systems
  • Tamara Hurley,  Deputy Director, Bank Supervision
  • Alexis Lescott, Deputy Director, Research & Economic Analysis
  • Shari Lorde Richards, Deputy Director, Bank Supervision
  • Alvon Moore, Deputy Director, Banking, Currency and Investments
  • Sheryl Peter-Kirton, Chief, Digital Programming
  • Dr. Saida Teleu, Chief Research Economist
  • Angela Skeete, Chief, Information Services
  • Carlon Walkes, Deputy Director, Research & Economic Analysis
  • Nichelle Yearwood, Chief Policy Analyst, Research & Economic Analysis


Central Bank of Barbados Senior Officers (as at 2024.05.24)

Secretary to the Board, Central Bank of Barbados