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Savings Bonds: A Safe Way to Save More

What’s your financial goal? Is it to own a home? Is it to buy a car? Maybe what you’re aspiring to isn’t for yourself. Maybe you want to save for your children’s university education. Or to give them a head start in their adult lives. Whatever your financial goal, savings bonds can help you get there.

What’s so great about savings bonds? They’re that rare investment that’s safe, lucrative and flexible. With savings bonds, you know from the start what your return on investment will be, and that return is among the highest you’ll get for this type of low risk investment. What’s more, while savings bonds have a five-year maturity period, you are free to cash in at any time. You’ll get back the money you invested, plus, if you’ve had the savings bonds for more than a year, you’ll also get interest.

And you don’t need a lot of money to become a bondholder. Savings bonds are available in a range of nominal values: from as little as $50 to a maximum of $100,000 per series for an individual or organization and $200,000 per series for two persons purchasing jointly. So whatever your current financial status, you can invest in savings bonds and improve it.

The only requirements for investing in savings bonds are that you be a Barbadian citizen – whether living in Barbados or abroad – or permanent resident of Barbados, and that you be over 18 years old. And if you have minor children who are Barbadian citizens, you can also buy savings bonds on their behalf.

For more than 35 years, Barbadians from all walks of life have been investing in savings bonds. They’ve used savings bonds to make downpayments on homes, to save for retirement, to afford that once in a lifetime vacation. Take a few minutes to read their stories or to learn more about how savings bonds work, then download an application form or visit any local commercial bank and become a bondholder today.