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2013 Series

Take Note! The 2013 Banknote Series

In 2013, the Central Bank of Barbados embarked on its first ever redesign of Barbados’ currency. The series featured a bold modern design with vibrant hues and was launched on May 2 of that year before going into circulation one month later on June 4. 

Like the 2007 series, the new notes were issued in six denominations – $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 – and all denominations were150mm x 65mm. The basic colours also remained the same.

The Central Bank continues to honour those outstanding Barbadians previously featured on our banknotes, but the reverse image has been changed. The new vignettes are specific to the denomination and are now linked to the person featured on the portrait.

To help the visually impaired and fully blind differentiate between denominations, tactile marks have been included on the new banknotes. The number of marks increases by one as the value of the note increases, from one dot for the $2 to six dots for the $100.

In addition to the revamped design, the new series has both upgraded and new security features that will make the notes more difficult for counterfeiters to copy and easier for the public to authenticate.

Take a few minutes to get familiar with the new design and to learn the security features of the new notes so that you will be confident in your ability to tell the difference between a real note and a fake.

Remember that even with new-look notes in circulation, all notes issued by the Central Bank of Barbados – from 1973 to the present – remain legal tender and can and should continue to be used and accepted islandwide.

Click any of the notes below to learn more about the design and security features of that denomination.

2013 - 2007 Comparison