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$20 Note

(The Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod)
$ 20

The Right Excellent Samuel Jackman Prescod (1806-1871) was the son of a free-coloured woman and a wealthy landowner.

From an early age, he recognised the injustices faced by both the free-coloured and blacks in Barbados, and sought to unite those groups, and poor whites, against the ruling class. He gained the support of the people and formed the Liberal Party, a political organization that fought for social justice for more than 25 years.

He used his position as a journalist and editor to agitate for greater equality for blacks and free-coloureds and to provide a forum for the working class. He became the first non-white to sit in the House of Assembly as a representative for the City of Bridgetown in 1843. During his tenure in Parliament, he led the Liberal Party, which acted as an unofficial opposition. He retired from Parliament in 1860 and later assumed the office of Judge of the Assistant Court of Appeal.

He is among the 10 National Heroes named by the Barbados government in 1998.

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