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A more intuitive data dissemination experience was launched on July 31 2019, CBBWEBSTATS. This experience is offered through a series of webpages fully integrated with the Bank’s official website and housing data that can be simply downloaded in Excel format through a series of pre-formatted tables.

Hear more from Sheryl Peter-Kirton, Deputy Director of Research and Economic Analysis Department at the Central Bank of Barbados

CBBWEBSTATS - Data at a Click

CBBWEBSTATS changed how the Bank makes data available and improved how quickly and easily it is found. At a minimum, updates are made at mid-month and at the end of the month, and the seamless integration with the official website facilitated the Bank’s ability to track the frequency, volume and nature of the data sourced by the public, making it easier to assess and monitor its relevance. Over time, this will help the Bank to be better able to respond to its clients’ needs.

Users now have:

  • Access to Data at a Click in the highest frequency where possible;
  • A Recent Statistics window on the Home page, signaling to the public when new data has been loaded;
  • A Statistics News page listing all the statistics data files loaded on the website, with a search feature available to search by the name of the files;
  • More relatable explanations offered through brief introductory sections providing background more suitable for the average person.

Users also have access to the data team, by directly all queries related to CBBWEBSTATS to statistics@centralbank.org.bb for a response.

To hear more on CBBWEBSTATS and Why Data Matters view the following Vlogs

Ann-Marie Warner, Chief Policy Analyst with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Misha Lobban Clarke, Executive Director of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

Lydia McCollin, President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (ICAB)

O'Shannon Vaughan-Dorant, President of the Young Economists' Association at the University of the West Indies, Cave...