Mr. Cleviston L. Haynes, MA (Econ.) Governor
Mr. Alwyn Jordan, MSc Deputy Governor
Mr. Elson A. Gaskin, LLB (UWI), L.E.C., MBA, M.I.C.B.S., JP Secretary to the Board
Ms. Michelle Doyle Lowe, MPhil, CFA Advisor


Mr. Steve A. Vaughn, F.C.C.A., C.I.A., F.C.A., MBA Chief, Internal Audit
Ms. Janice D. Marshall, MBA Director, Strategic Planning and Risk Management
Ms. Julia A. Weekes, BSc, CFA. Director, Banking and Investments
Mr. Ian Collymore, MSc Director, Foreign Exchange and Export Credit
Mr. Anton Belgrave, MA (Econ) FRM Director, Research & Economic Analysis Department
Ms. Cheryl Greenidge MBA Director, Bank Supervision
Mr. Charles Briggs MBA, CEng Director, Facilities Management
Ms. Pamela Arthur, MSc Director, Human Resources
Mr. Philmore Thorne, F.C.C.A, MBA Financial Controller (Ag.)
Mr. Peter deC. Rochester, MBA Director (Ag.), Management Information Systems
Ms. Octavia O. Gibson, MSc, JP, PMP Director (Ag.), Currency & Payments Oversight


Ms. Sadie P. O. Dixon, LLB, LL.M., L.E.C. Legal Counsel
Ms. Debbie Briggs, BSc, F.C.C.A. Deputy Director, Banking, Currency & Investments
Ms. Wilma Belgrave BSc, ACIS Deputy Director, Foreign Exchange and Export Credit
Ms. Tamara Hurley, MBA Deputy Director, Bank Supervision
Ms. Josephine Haywood, BSc Deputy Director, Management Information Systems
Mr. Hartley O. Jordan, MBA Deputy Director, Facilities Management
Ms. Heather Moore-Bernard, MBA Deputy Director, Strategic Planning & Risk Management
Ms. Sheryl Peter-Kirton, MSc Chief, Digital Programming
Ms. Novaline F. Brewster, MSc, JP Chief, Corporate Communications
Mr. Darrin Downes, MA (Econ), LLB, L.E.C. Chief Economist
Ms. Angela Skeete, MA Chief, Information Services
Ms. Jennifer Clarke-Murrell, MSc Deputy Director (Ag.), Bank Supervision
Ms. Shari Lorde Richards, MSc Deputy Director (Ag.), Bank Supervision
Mr. Roger Gumbs, CGA, CFSA. Deputy Financial Controller (Ag.)
Mr. Vincent Grosvenor, MSc Deputy Director (Ag.), Management Information Systems
Ms. Alexis Lescott, MSc Deputy Director (Ag.), Research and Economic Analysis
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