To create and maintain an institution of world-class excellence.


Leadership and Innovation
We will nurture creativity, seek out new ideas, embrace change and execute our tasks efficiently and on a timely basis. We will listen to, inspire and motivate our stakeholders. We will promote critical and strategic thinking and nimbleness to achieve high performance.

We commit to adhere to the structures and policies approved by the Board in order to inform, direct and monitor the organization’s activities toward the achievement of our objectives.

Integrity & Transparency
We acknowledge that our performance, success and reputation hinge on the highest standard of ethical behaviour. We therefore promise to provide open communication and to be consistent in our application of policies across the organization. We will always practise honesty and fiscal responsibility in all of our undertakings as a way of building trust among our stakeholders and garnering public support for our policy initiatives.

We will, in all our actions, demonstrate timeliness, openness and accuracy with our work, information and data. We will ensure the safety and security of all assets and resources under our responsibility, so as to engender the confidence of all our constituents.

Respect and Empathy
We will recognize everyone’s value and worth in the workplace, genuinely listening to and considering their points of view. We will be sensitive to each other’s thoughts and experiences.

Team Spiritedness
We commit to engendering a caring spirit in the workplace where staff are supportive of and collaborate with each other to achieve objectives. We will encourage enthusiasm in all our endeavours and bring a positive attitude to our Mission, Vision and Values.

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