Board of Directors

Mr. Cleviston L. Haynes, M.A. (Econ) Chairman
Mr. Ian Carrington - Director of Finance & Economic Affairs
Mr. Trevor Campbell - Economist
Professor Justin Robinson - Economist/Financial Analyst
Mr. Joseph Ward - Accountant
Dr. Simon Naitram - Lecturer/Economist
Ms. Vere Patricia Brathwaite - Attorney-at-Law
Mr. Elson A. Gaskin, LL.B (UWI), L.E.C., M.B.A., M.I.C.B.S., JP

Cleviston Haynes, Governor, Central Bank of Barbados

  • Mr. Cleviston L. Haynes, M.A. (Econ)

Mr. Cleviston Haynes, the Governor, Central Bank of Barbados, is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the University of Western Ontario.
He joined the Central Bank in 1980 as an Economist and has served the Bank in several capacities, including Chief Economist, Adviser to the Governor, Director, Bank Supervision Department, Deputy Governor and now Governor. He also served as Technical Assistant to the Executive Director for Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean at the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during the period 1987-1989.
Mr. Haynes represents the Bank on the boards of the Barbados Deposit Insurance Corporation and previously was a director the Barbados Stock Exchange and a member of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority of Barbados.
Mr. Haynes has authored a number of academic papers in domestic and international publications, including papers on monetary policy and financial sector issues, and debt management in the Barbados economy. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Regional Financial Stability Coordinating Council (RFSCC) which was responsible for the preparation of the inaugural Caribbean Regional Financial Stability Report.

Ian Carrington, Director

  • Mr. Ian Carrington - Director of Finance & Economic Affairs

Carrington is the Director of Finance and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investments, with responsibility and oversight for the Government’s financial management.
He holds a Masters of Public Administration and a Post-Graduate diploma in Public Policy from Harvard University, and is a Fellow of the Certified General Accountants of Canada and of Certified Professional Accountants of Canada. Mr. Carrington is the former Director of the National Insurance in Barbados where he was responsible for the administration of Barbados’ social security system.

Carrington brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the areas of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Economic Affairs.

Trevor Campbell, Director

  • Mr. Trevor Campbell - Economist

Trevor Douglas Anderson Campbell is the holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree (Economics) – Upper Second Class Honours – from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus, Barbados (1985) and a Master of Arts Degree in Economics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (1987).
He commenced his working career on July 2, 1970 as a Clerical Officer in the Department of Inland Revenue where he rose to the office of Tax Inspector, his focus being on desk auditing of income tax returns and field auditing as it related to sales tax, before tendering his resignation in 1983 in order to complete studies at the UWI and to pursue graduate studies in Economics at Queen’s University.
On the completion of his studies in Canada in 1987, he returned to Barbados and was employed as an Economist 1 at the Public Investment Unit, which falls under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. His duties included, among other things, preparation of periodic updates of project profiles, familiarisation with objective, justification, costs, scheduling and plans and problems of assigned projects
However, it was in October 1991 when he accepted an offer to join the Central Bank of Barbados as a Junior Economist in the Research Department that the majority of his years (14) as a public servant was spent.  Between 1991 and 1996, in that capacity, he was responsible for managing the Balance of Payments on a daily basis, making projections for the Bank’s Economic Outlook, interacting with IMF officials who were in Barbados in the early 1990s to provide guidance on the country’s stabilisation programme, participating in the Bank’s Annual Review Seminars, assisting the Bank in the preparing of its quarterly Reviews, presenting papers at overseas conferences with a view to having them published in recognised economic journals and playing a role with his involvement in the Schools’ Outreach Programme. 
In 1997, he was promoted to Senior Economist, a position which he held until his retirement on December 5, 2005. In addition to most of the duties identified in his former position, this new post included the preparation of Board papers, policy memos, supervision of Junior Economists, overseeing the Balance of Payments, monitoring the public sector activities and being involved as a member of the Bank’s Economic Modelling Team.
Between 2000 and 2005, he was appointed to act as a Chief Economist on two occasions and Chief Policy Analyst on one occasion.  Additional duties associated with these posts included becoming a member of the Editorial Committee, coordinating the budget of the Research Department and Research Management Delegation.
While at the Bank, he attended two IMF Balance of Payments training courses in Washington D.C and St. Kitts and Nevis, an IMF Financial Programming training course in Barbados and several internal training programmes conducted by Central Bank officers. Additionally, he has written several articles, mainly balance of payments related and to a lesser extent, on the public sector which have been published in international economic journals, for example, in Central Bank’s Economic Review, Money Affairs, International Journal of Public Administration, Savings and Development Issues, International Advances in Economic Research and Central Bank’s 30th Anniversary Publication, to name a few.
He was also engaged in part-time employment and was attached to the Department of Management Studies of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus where he lectured in Economic and Quantitative Aids to Decision-Making (1991-92), Introduction to Managerial Economics (1994) and Introduction to Microeconomics (1995-97).
In the field of sports, he represented Barbados in cricket in the Under-20 Youth Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago in 1968, was a member of the Under-19 Youth team which played against the Australian Schoolboys at Kensington Oval in 1969 and made his debut for the Barbados Senior Team against the Duke of Norfolk X1 at Kensington Oval in 1970. Further, in martial arts, he attained the degree of Shodan (first degree black belt) as a member of the Barbados Shotokan Club in 2011.

He is married to Angela Waterman-Campbell.

Justin Robinson, Director

  • Dr. Justin Robinson - Economist/Financial Analyst

Dr. C. Justin Robinson is a national of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and currently serves as Head of the Department of Management Studies, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. He obtained his PhD in Finance from the University of Manchester, UK. He also holds an MSc in Finance and Econometrics from Florida International University and a BSc. in Management Studies (First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.
Dr. Robinson’s research interests are Capital Markets in Developing Countries, Public Finance, Financial Risk Management and Corporate Finance. He has published extensively on these subjects in a number of regional and international journals. Major publications include: An Analysis of the Financial Performance of Statutory Corporations in Developing Countries, The Role and Future of European Derivatives Markets, Capital Market Integration in the Caribbean, Stock Price Behaviour in Emerging Markets, Long Term Financing Decisions in the Caribbean, Analyzing Capital Flows to Developing Countries, Commercial Banking in the Year 2000, and Customer Satisfaction with Public Transportation in Developing Countries.

Dr. Robinson oversees the publication of the “Weekly Caribbean Stock Market Report” and a Quarterly Survey of Consumer Sentiment in CARICOM. Dr. Robinson currently serves as a Director of the Central Bank of Barbados, and First Vice President of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Dr. Robinson is happily married to Angela and is the proud father of Ayana and Ayeshia.

Simon Naitram, Director

  • Dr. Simon Naitram - Lecturer/Economist

Dr Simon Naitram is a lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. He earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Glasgow, UK. He also holds an MSc in Financial and Business Economics and a BSc in Economics with Law from the University of the West Indies. Dr Naitram currently holds the post of President of Barbados Economics Society. His research interests are in public economics, the economics of inequality, and macroeconomic policy. He has published in academic journals on topics including macroeconomic policy, international finance, and tourism. He lectures in microeconomics and mathematics for economics at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Vere Patricia Brathwaite, Director

  • Vere Patricia Brathwaite - Attorney-at-Law

Vere Patricia Brathwaite is an Attorney-at-Law and Barrister-at-Law. She entered University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) as a Direct Entrant and graduated with an LL.B degree (Honours), after having obtained a BSc. in Public Administration (Honours) with a concentration in Human Resource Management, Economics and Accounts from the same university.

She was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales and the Bar of Barbados after completing Bar Finals in England and Barrister Pupilage in the Middle Temple, London. 

Miss Brathwaite brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in corporate, commercial and international business law, corporate governance, and regulation gained in over 30 years’ experience establishing and advising in relation to all types of business  transactions and structures, including Exempt Insurance Companies, Offshore Banks, International Business Companies, Foreign Sales Corporations, International Trusts, Mutual Funds, Limited Liability Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Public Offerings and charitable organizations; as well as oversight and regulation of the Barbados non-bank financial sector. 

She taught at UWI (Cave Hill) in Management and Industrial Relations, Contract Law, Property Law, Trust Law and Private International Law and was also a Lecturer in the Florida State University/University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) Summer School Program. 

She was a member of the legal team for the Joint Custodians of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Barbados) (in liquidation) overseeing the liquidation of the bank and the ultimate transfer of its business to Mutual Bank of The Caribbean Inc. 

As a senior officer at the former Barbados Development Bank, she held responsibility for a portfolio of projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, including compliance, business appraisal and advice to start-ups and distressed loans holders. 

At the post-graduate level, Miss Brathwaite holds certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Competition Law & Policy and Enterprise Risk Management, and attended and engaged in several seminars and conferences of the International Business Sector, and the Risk and the Insurance Management Societies of Canada and the United States, respectively. 

She was formerly a Member of the Board of the Financial Services Commission, Deputy Chair of National Petroleum Corporation, and a Director of Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. and Starcom Network Inc.

She was also a former Senator in the Barbados Senate.

Miss Brathwaite currently sits on the Boards of several corporate entities in the private and public sectors, including the Barbados Revenue Authority Appeals Tribunal.

She is currently Chair of the National Insurance Appeal Tribunal (Benefits).

Miss Brathwaite holds the distinction of Member of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

Joseph Ward, Director

  • Mr. Joseph Ward

Mr. Ward holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Accounting from the University of Manchester. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Barbados (ICAB) and the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales. Mr. Ward is a partner in BDO Barbados with responsibility for tax and consulting and has served on the tax committee of ICAB. Mr Ward has extensive experience with a wide range of clients in both the local and international sectors.

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