Process to replace lost securities

Please be advised that in order for you to replace the lost securities, the below steps must be followed:

1. Produce an Affidavit to the effect that the original security was destroyed, lost or stolen.

2. Agree to Indemnify the Government of Barbados against loss in the event that the security is subsequently found and presented for payment.

3. Produce two advertisements of the lost securities, which must be published in any of the daily newspapers. This must be done twice in a fourteen (14) day period.

In the case where the person is living overseas, it is advised that the advertisements be made in the resident country, as well as in Barbados where the securities were issued. The orginal clippings of these advertisements, along with the Bond of Indemnity and the Affidavit will remain with the Central Bank of Barbados. Kindly note a reasonable time must pass before new securities are issued.

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