Chronicle of a Central Bank policy 1972 - 2004

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Created 31 Jan, 2005
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The first chronicle of Central Bank policies prepared by Muriel Saunders and published by the Central Bank of Barbados proved an extremely useful reference. It covered the period 1973-1979 and appeared in our Quarterly Report for March 1980. An update was published in 1987, as a separate paper entitled Chronicle of Central Bank Policies. A revised version was issued in 1997. The present publication brings the information up-todate to the end of December 2004. All aspects of Central Bank activity are included in so far as they were intended to have an impact on the performance of the economy. Tbe major highlights include the phase liberalisation of foreign exchange controls. To this end the Exchange Control section has been changed to show the chronological movements of major segments such as imports, travel, business, investment and relations with CARICOM.

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