Caricom responses to Nafta: options and indications

Author(s): Worrell, DeLisle (1994)

Created 18 Jul, 1994
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This article documents a few responses to NAFTA for CARICOM countries. These include a defensive strategy; an informed response through examining Caribbean development priorities. It considers Caricom options and their immediate and ultimate effects. It suggests an agenda for the negotiation. It includes recommendations for a Caribbean/North American Free Trade Agreement, Caricom regional integration and a general knowledge of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). It recommends that a full-time, high-level Caricom task force on Caricom/North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations and on the associated EC and GATT issues should be set up with a minimum life of three years. It should provide on-going technical support in the conduct of the negotiations. (Prepared for the Caricom Secretariat. Preliminary)

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