Income distribution in Barbados

Author(s): Holder, Carlos; Prescod, Ronald (1984)

Created 24 Jul, 1984
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"This paper analyzes the distribution of income in Barbados, considering the growth in GDP, and unemployment as well as the effect of taxes and wealth on the distribution of income. The study is based on personal income reported on income tax returns. It presents an overview of the changing pattern of income distribution and how it compares with the growth of Gross Domestic Product and employment creation; that is the ""trickle down"" theory. Other sections analyze the effect of taxation and wealth on the distributional pattern. The changing distribution within the poor classes is examined in an analysis of the minor concentration ratios and partitioned Gini coefficients. Findings are summarized at the end. (Collection of unpublished research papers 1984 These papers are still in draft form and are subject to revision. Please do not quote or reproduce without the expressed permission of the author)"

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