After Climate Change Lessons for the Barbados Economy From Iceland

Author(s): MANDLE, JAY, R; (2013)

Created 23 Aug, 2013
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"Barbados is currently listed in the Human Development Index (HDI) produced by the United Nations Development Programme among those with ""very high human development"" (ranked number 38 of 186). It is in that grouping because its economy earns a relatively high per capita income level, which in turn has been used to secure important gains in educational attainment and life expectancy. It is a significant achievement that almost three-quarters of respondents in a 2010 survey, rated their current living standard as either much better or better compared that that of their childhood. There are, of course, important limits to what the country has accomplished. Between 1996/97 and 2010 there has been an increase in income inequality. Nevertheless, the evidence supports Worrell’s comment that “in the space of two generations Barbadians have transformed this country from the third world to the first world.”4"

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