Vol.3 / No.4 2014 - IBFS Newsletter December

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 30 Dec, 2014
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Several of this issue’s articles focus on the Barbados-Canada relationship, as it is analysed from varying angles - we are happy to present a Canadian perspective by Alison Manzer, while Sadie Dixon reports on recent talks between the Canada-CARICOM Friendship Group and a delegation from Barbados. Sir Trevor Carmichael draws our attention to the fact that the Barbados IBC Act, established in 1965, has now reached it’s golden anniversary! Is it showing its age? Sir Trevor’s responses are all positive. Rounding out the issue, is Sen. Don Oliver’s report on outcomes of the IFCs conference held in Barbados on September 11, and also there is a link to the outcomes of an OECD meeting in Berlin in October. On behalf of the IBFS News Editorial team, “Season’s Greetings”; let us all face 2015 with a spirit of hope, optimism and determination!

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