Counterfeit Note Detection Equipment.

Created 23 Dec, 2002
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The Central Bank of Barbados wishes to advise the public that it has become aware of certain cases in which persons tendered genuine banknotes to shops to complete transactions, but were unable to do so because the currency was rejected by the retailer's counterfeit detection equipment.

Accordingly, the Central Bank reminds business houses not to rely exclusively on these machines, but to become familiar with the main security features of genuine banknotes.  Machines are not foolproof and periodically will give false readings.

It is therefore very important to train cashiers to identify the main security features of genuine banknotes, so that they become competent and can easily detect a counterfeit.

In this regard, we wish to remind cashiers in particular and the public in general that the special printing process used for genuine banknotes makes the surface of the paper feel raised in certain areas.  It is important to become familiar with this peculiar "feel". In addition, they should ensure that there is also the valid watermark, security thread and other prominent features.

The watermark depicts an outline of the island of Barbados, which is on the left front of the note.  It can be viewed by holding up the banknote to the light.

Security Thread
Each note contains a security thread to the left of the centre of the note.  The thread is seen when viewed against the light.  In the more recently produced notes, the thread carries the text CBB$20, CBB$50 and CBB$100 according to the denomination.

Intaglio over foil
In the $50 and $100 notes there is also an Intaglio over foil feature.  The foil is found on the right-hand side of each note, in the shape of an aquamarine pelican on the $50 note and a gold dolphin on the $100.  On both denominations the image of the Pride of Barbados flower is printed over the foil. This feature is highly reflective on genuine notes, but appears flat and dull on counterfeits.

The Bank takes this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, blessed and enjoyable Xmas and prosperity in the New Year.

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