Balance of Payments Survey (2007)

Created 23 Feb, 2007
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A survey for the compilation of Barbados’ Balance of Payments statistics begins this week.

The Central Bank carries out this exercise every year to find out how the country’s foreign exchange is earned and spent.

The information that the Bank collects relates to statistics on imports, exports, investments and borrowing, among other data, and the survey will be directed at over 600 government departments, business enterprises and non-profit organisations.

All respondents are urged to return the survey forms in the period given, and so enable timely and reliable accounts to be compiled.  The survey forms should either be mailed to: Central Bank of Barbados, Tom Adams Financial Centre, Spry Street, Bridgetown or faxed to the Research Department (Fax No: 427-1431).

The staff of the Bank’s Research Department will be on hand to help respondents with any difficulties they may encounter in completing the form.

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