Advisory on EllaFinance (Barbados) Limited.

Created 10 Mar, 2008
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The Central Bank of Barbados warns the public that the entities listed below are not incorporated in Barbados or licensed to engage in activities regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados, in or from within Barbados.

Members of the public who transact business with these entities do so at their own risk.
The public is invited to inform the Central Bank of Barbados ( of any information on these entities.


Name of Entity:

March 10, 2008

EllaFinance (Barbados) Limited
Purported Jurisdiction of Registration: Dover, DE
Purported Registration #: 020364461-3533294

* This entity has a disclaimer on its website to the effect that it is not registered in Barbados or regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados. Despite this, it continues to associate itself with Barbados through the use of photographs of known landmarks in Barbados.

July 7, 2005

EllaFinance of Barbados Leasing
Purported Address :
Bridgetown, Barbados
Website :

June 14, 2005

Global Investment Company
Purported Address :
Cave Hill, St. Michael, Barbados
Website :

April 19, 2005

Caribbean International Bank / Caribbean International Credit & Trust
Purported Address :
Suite 120, One Financial Place, Lower Collymore Rock, Bridgetown, Barbados
Website :


A list of financial institutions licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados can be found on the bank’s website under the main link entitled "Financial System".


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