Local HR Practitioners To Examine Reinventing Their Business

Created 31 Mar, 2011
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Local HR Practitioners To Examine Reinventing Their Business

Local HR practitioners will examine ways of making their presence felt in the workplace when the Central Bank of Barbados’ Human Resources Department and the Human Resources Management Association of Barbados convene a one-day workshop at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on April 15, 2011.

Jeremy Ashworth, Managing Director of Wakeup Ltd, London, UK and world- renowned behavioural change specialist, will facilitate the workshop titled “Re-inventing HR and the Power of Internal Marketing”. Ashworth brings to the table more than 15 years’ experience in achieving breakthrough results with leaders and senior teams and in helping organisations launch and sustain cultural change successfully.

HR Director at the Bank, Janis Marville explained that while HR practitioners are aware of the value that they can add to their organisations, they sometimes lack the credibility and appropriate gravitas to change the business’ perception of the HR professional and to persuade employees to engage them differently.

She contended that an internal marketing approach could change this attitude to the HR specialist, hence the reason for the workshop.

Marville said the event would expose attendees to case studies and best practices from top-flight HR functions in the UK who have brought the people’s agenda to the heart of their businesses.  In addition, participants will hear how the Central Bank of Barbados has secured buy-in at the very top to a cultural Emotional Intelligence programme and a step change in HR’s role from policeman to “coach”.

Other topics to be addressed include: Step-changing the Mindset and Behaviours within HR: What does it take and how to achieve this?; Elevating HR’s Confidence and Self-belief to a New Level; Communicating a New HR and Embedding a Relationship Management Approach to the Business.

When asked who should attend the workshop, Marville responded, “all HR practitioners, as well as persons interested in entering the exciting discipline of HR and effecting behavioral change so as to transform their organisations.


March 31, 2011


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