Greening Small Businesses in Small States: The Case of Barbados

Date: 12/6/2016
Author(s): Christopher Kinch and Winston Moore

Created 06 Dec, 2016
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Barbados has embarked on a bold initiative to green its economy. To date, there has been significant progress in relation to some areas of the economy (e.g. energy). This paper investigates the extent to which small- and medium-sized enterprises (one of the largest segments of economic activity) in the island have adopted green initiatives and the factors that have influenced this decision. The paper estimates a probit model using a firm-level database extracted from the Compete Caribbean’s Productivity, Technology and Innovation in the Caribbean (PROTEqIN) database. The results from the study suggest that small and medium-sized businesses have lagged behind larger entities in relation to adopting green strategies. One of the key constraints identified was the availability of technical skills and support within the enterprise. The paper recommends that if the island is to have any success in relation to greening small- and medium-sized enterprises, an attempt will need to be made to make access to technical support easier for these companies.

Greening Small Businesses in Small States-The Case of Barbados by Christopher Kinch et al.pdf (585.3 KB)
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