An Interview with Dr. Linda Tesar

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Created 17 May, 2019
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The Central Bank of Barbados’ 6th Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Dr. Linda Tesar sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Novaline Brewster, the Bank’s chief of corporate communications.

During their 20-minute conversation, Tesar, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan, and Brewster touched on Barbados’ economic recovery efforts, the trade war between the USA and China, and women in economics. They also spoke about global debt, which will be the focus of the 2019 Caribbean Economic Forum.

On Barbados’ Economic Recovery Effects

“From what I’ve read, it really does seem that Barbados is taking the right steps.”

On the US-China Trade War

“I don’t think it’s good news for anyone. I don’t think it’s good news for the United States; I don’t think it’s good news for China.”

On Women in Economics

"We’re doing projects at Michigan and elsewhere to study how women make choices and to encourage them to start taking economics… and hopefully go on to pursue economics as a career… We need to have more diversity of views… I think the whole profession will be stronger if we do that.”

On Global Debt

“Debt worldwide has reached unprecedented proportions. We now see debt to GDP at its highest rate ever. I would say that makes it an issue, but I wouldn’t say that necessarily makes it a crisis. But whenever you see something become bigger than it was before, that’s something you should pay attention to.”

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