Central Bank of Barbados to Host Currency Exhibition

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 31 May, 2019
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Barbadians will have the chance to see banknotes from around the globe when the Central Bank of Barbados hosts a currency exhibition from June 4-9, 2019 in the Exchange Interactive Centre, which is located next to the Central Bank. Dubbed “Window to the World,” the exhibition will feature money from more than 85 countries and territories across six continents.

“We’ll be showcasing notes from all over the map. Some will be from places persons know well, but many will be from countries with which persons aren’t as familiar with, like the Maldives, Tonga, and São Tome and Principe,” previewed Octavia Gibson, Deputy Director, Currency at the Central Bank. “And because banknotes offer a glimpse into a nation’s history and culture, it promises to be an educational experience.”

Gibson revealed that although the exhibition was not yet open, there has already been a lot of interest in it. “We already have more than 20 schools booked to come, and several individuals who have heard about it are eager to attend. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity for Barbadians to learn more about the world around us, and we are encouraging everyone to take advantage of it.”

“Window to the World” is free of charge, and will open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. over the run of the exhibition.

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