Books Published by the Bank

Both Sides of the Coin: The Story of The Central Bank of Barbados 1972 - 2017 Both Sides of the Coin tells the history of the first forty-five years of the Central Bank of Barbados. It outlines the Bank’s role and function, explains its operations, and details how its employees helped to fashion a modern society and economy and build an institution of which all Barbadians can be proud....
Aspects of financial liberalization and capital market development in the Caribbean

Edited by Roland Craigwell, Kevin Greenidge and Marion Williams
Central Bank of Barbados,...

Chronicle of a Central Bank policy 1972 - 2004 Chronicle of a Central Bank policy 1972 - 2004...
Facing Globalisation : Impact & Challenges for Barbados and the Caribbean

Edited by Harold Codrington, Roland Craigwell, Darrin Downes
Central Bank of Barbados, 2003....

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Books Written by Staff

Strategic repositioning : a Caribbean perspective on economic policy making Williams, Marion V, PhD.
Central Bank of Barbados, 2005....
Managing public finances in a small developing economy : the case of Barbados Williams, Marion V.      Praeger , 2001.  ISBN 0-275-97031-0....
Liberalising a regulated banking system : the Caribbean case Marion V. Williams
Avebury, 1996, 308 p ISBN: 1-85972-432-9....
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