The Balance of Payments

The balance of payments accounts identify and record transactions between the residents of Barbados and non-residents, thereby permitting the analysis of economic interactions between Barbados and the rest of the world. The accounts are intended to record three basic types of transactions:
a) flows of goods, services, and income;
b) changes in foreign financial assets and liabilities that arise from transactions (as opposed to valuation changes); and
c) current and capital transfer payments, which are the counterpart of real resources or financial claims provided to, or received from the rest of the world, without any quid pro quo.
The transactions are in principle, recorded when the ownership of goods or assets changes and when services are rendered.

The following data is included based on the annual survey and supplementary information:

Summary Tables

  • Standard Summary
  • Analytical Summary

Current Account Tables

  • Current Account
  • Travel Services
  • Transport Services
  • Government Goods and Services NIE
  • Other Services
  • Primary Income Account

Capital Account Table

  • Capital Account

Financial Account Tables

  • Financial Account
  • Net Acquisition of Financial Assets
  • Net Incurrence of Liabilities
  • Financial Account Balances
Balance of Payments 2006 (Data to 2005) Balance of Payments 2006 (Data to 2005)...
Balance of Payments 2005 (Data to 2004) Balance of Payments 2005 (Data to 2004)...
Balance of Payments 2004 (Data to 2003) Balance of Payments 2004 (Data to 2003)...
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