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Central Bank of Barbados Issues Second Series of BOSS+ Bonds

Another $200 million tranche of BOSS+ bonds is available to investors from July 1, 2023. The five-year security, which is issued by the Central Bank of Barbados, pays 4.5 percent interest per annum.

“The initial series of BOSS+ bonds proved that there is an appetite for investment among Barbadians, so it’s a given that we have made a second tranche available for those who haven’t invested as yet as well as for those who have but want to acquire more,” said Julia Weekes, the Central Bank’s Director of Banking and Investments. “The big story has been CIBC FirstCaribbean’s substantial purchase, but we are seeing interest from both institutional investors and the average Barbadian.” 

In April, CIBC FirstCaribbean, Barbados’ largest bank, invested $100 million in BOSS+ bonds, and the Central Bank’s quarterly economic press release later that month noted that at March 2023, individual investors had taken up $22 million of the security.

Weekes confirmed that the terms of the new series remain the same as for the previous one. “The minimum investment is $500, we’ll continue to pay interest twice a year, and investors still have the option to cash in after 24 months. And, of course, BOSS+ bonds continue to be protected from debt restructuring.”

The bonds include clauses to protect creditors and Government from future debt distress in the event of a natural disaster or a pandemic. The Natural Disaster Deferment and the Pandemic Deferment Clauses allow Government to capitalise interest and defer scheduled amortisation for a two-year period if a pandemic or natural disaster occurs. 

BOSS+ bonds were introduced in September 2022 and are sold directly by the Central Bank of Barbados.