Competitiveness of Selected Caribbean Tourism Destination

Author(s): Craigwell, Roland; Worrell, DeLisle (2006)

Created 01 Jan, 2006
Categories Working Papers Roland Craigwell Special Collection
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This paper is an empirical study of the price competitiveness of Caribbean tourism, designed to explore how well Caribbean tourism has performed, compared with global markets, and the main factors that have affected that performance. There is a wealth of economic literature on Caribbean tourism, reflecting the fact that tourism services are now the most important economic activity in the region, and the only significant source of foreign exchange for many of the very open economies of the Caribbean (CDB, 2006; UN ECLAC, 2005). The present study is designed to complement existing studies that focus on the competitiveness of Caribbean tourism, addressing the many dimensions of competitiveness, both price and nonprice. While we limit ourselves to an examination of price competitiveness alone, our study is comprehensive in its coverage of Caribbean tourism destinations, and it is one of the few studies we have encountered which attempts to assess Caribbean tourism performance and competitiveness in a global context.

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