Demand for life insurance in Barbados: an empirical test

Author(s): Craigwell, Roland C; Haynes, Cleviston (1987)

Created 24 Jul, 1987
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This paper bridges the gap in the dearth of studies for Barbados, (the exception being Worrell and Prescod's) (1983), on the importance of non-bank financial institutions in the economic development of Barbados, by examining the growth of and demand for life insurance in the Barbadian economy. It discusses briefly trends in the industry. It describes the model, which is used to estimate the demand for life insurance, drawing on the works of Fortune (1973), Headen and Lee (1974), Bourne and Bailey (1977) and Campbell (1980). The results of the tests and conclusions are reported. (Previous title: Collection of unpublished research papers)

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