Aspects of financial liberalization and capital market development in the Caribbean

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

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Edited by Roland Craigwell, Kevin Greenidge and Marion Williams
Central Bank of Barbados, 2007. 263 p.
ISBN 976-602-077-9



1. Introduction

Roland Craigwell, Kevin Greenidge and Marion Williams - Page 1

2. The Nature and Measurement of Financial Liberalisation: An Application to the Caribbean

Kevin Greenidge and Chris Milner - Page 5

3. Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Selected Caribbean Countries

Kevin Greenidge and Chris Milner - Page 55

4. The Impact of Financial Liberalisation on Financial Development: Evidence from the Caribbean

Kevin Greenidge and Alvon Moore - Page 111

5. The Impact of Capital Account Liberalisation in the Caribbean

Daniel Boamah, Roland Craigwell, Darrin Downes, Kevin Greenidge and Travis Mitchell - Page 133

6. The Demand for International Reserves in Barbados: Empirical Evidence for the Past Three Decades

Roland Craigwell, Darrin Downes and Kevin Greenidge - Page 155

7. Trends and Prospects for the Debit Card Industry in Barbados

Winston Moore - Page 171

8. Competition in the Commercial Banking Industry in Barbados

Roland Craigwell, Chanelle Maxwell, Stacia Howard and Tracy Maynard - Page 189

9. Hedging: Is There Scope for an Active Derivatives Market in CARICOM?

Marion Williams - Page 209

Bibliography of Published Works of the Staff of the Central Bank of Barbados: 1972 - 2006

Roland Craigwell - Page 221

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