Central Bank Hosts Leadership Seminar for Students

Date: 10/13/2016
Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 13 Oct, 2016
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Sixty prefects from the Ellerslie School recently took part in a one-day leadership seminar sponsored by the Central Bank of Barbados.

In the day’s first presentation, the event’s coordinator Roseann King, a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Central Bank who is also a trained counsellor, delivered a passionate address to the students during which she encouraged them to view themselves as potential leaders.

Drawing frequently from John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, King explained that a person’s ability to lead determines his or her level of success. She told the students that people who are not effective leaders will ultimately have a lid on their success, and that their success or failure will redound on the people whom they lead. The prefects’ abilities as leaders, therefore, will impact those who are guided by them.

King also explained that leadership is not necessarily positional and impressed upon the students that they did not need to have a formal title to be leaders. Leadership, King revealed, is about influence. After asking them whether they believed they could influence their principal, she told them that by their actions and their interactions with him they could. She also gave another more common example: even without speaking, a student who adopts a disinterested posture in class could encourage others to do the same. For this reason it is important for them, as prefects, to be mindful of their actions and of the impressions they create.

King concluded by asserting that leadership is a process. Acknowledging that some people have more talent than others, she stressed that talent is not enough. She encouraged them all to work to cultivate their leadership skills daily, to figure out what they need to do to improve, and to develop a plan to help themselves grow.

Later in the session, six of the prefects took part in a speak-off where they assumed the role of a newly installed principal and had to outline their vision for the school. Judged on their presentation skills and the content of their arguments, the students addressed issues such as violence in schools and the need for new approaches to teaching, and offered solutions as they spoke. The eventual winner was Reanna John, who received a $100 savings bond, courtesy of the Central Bank.

The seminar’s programme also included a presentation on the importance of saving and one that discussed whether it was really possible to be good all the time.

Speaking after the seminar, Novaline Brewster, Public Affairs Officer at the Central Bank, said she was pleased at how engaged and receptive the students were, and expressed hope that the organisation would be able to hold similar sessions for other schools.


Roseann King speaking at the Students' Leadership Seminar
Roseann King speaking at the Students' Leadership Seminar.
Ellerslie school students at the leadership seminar.
Speak-off winner Reanna John receives her prize from Novaline Brewster
Speak-off winner Reanna John receives her prize from Novaline Brewster.


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