The Canada - Barbados Connection

Author(s): Central Bank Of Barbados

Created 08 Jun, 2017
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Canada celebrates its 150th year of Confederation on July 1, 2017. Similarly, Barbados just celebrated its 50th Anniversary of Independence on November 30, 2016. On the occasion of these two great milestones we take a close look at a close friendship and partnership that has grown between these two former British colonies.

Trade and investment, as well as political and social alignment between Canada and Barbados had led to the development of a mutually beneficial partnership. With Canada’s help, Barbados has grown a high quality International Business sector that started out as an idea in the mid-1960’s and today has become the second largest contributor to the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Similarly for Canada, by using Barbados as a hub for international business Canada’s economy has grown globally, is now a net exporter of capital and has become a leading international business competitor with products and services distributed right around the world.

The development of this modern and synergistic relationship stems back to the 1700’s with very humble beginnings in the trade of salt fish and lumber for rum, sugar and molasses.

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