As per the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS), the official provider of tourist statistics,:

  1. a long-stay tourist is “any person (national or alien) normally resident abroad who enters the island and remains for not less than twenty-four hours and not more than six months for the legitimate non-immigrant purposes such as vacation, recreation, sports, conference, health, family reasons, religious pilgrimage or study”.
  2. a cruise passenger is a “Day visitor (Excursionist), any person entering the island for reasons similar to the tourist, as outlined in the note on tourist, but not using sleeping arrangement on the island. Generally a cruise ship spends less than twenty-four hours in Barbados. However he/she may return to the ship for sleeping purposes and re-enter the island on the following day.”

Cruise passengers comprise transit arrivals and landed passengers. Landed passengers are those who permanently disembark from the vessel (ie do not return to the ship). These likely include direct transits (who go straight from the vessel to the airport), residents of Barbados, and other tourists. It is important to note that the estimate of long-stay arrivals typically already includes the other tourist component of the estimated landed passengers.

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Long Stay & Cruise Arrivals July 2019

The Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) is the official provider of...

Long Stay & Cruise Arrivals June 2019

The Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) is the official provider of...

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