Modeling The Economic Impact Of Changes In Tourism for the French Overseas Department

Author(s): Mathouraparsad, SŽbastien; Maurin, Alain; Gabriel, Montauban, Jean (2007)

Created 01 Jan, 2007
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Using the Guadeloupean case, this article contributes to the issues raised in the literature on Caribbean studies by focusing on and answering a certain number of questions related to the modelling of the variables which drive tourism industry. Thus, on the one hand, it enriches quantitatively and qualitatively the corpus used in several similar empirical studies. Since the tourism sector is the core of many economies, it becomes increasingly imperative to identify the different related macroeconomic problems that may arise. To name a few, forecast of tourist arrivals, analysis of different scenarios for macroeconomic evolution and sector impact of a change in the demand for tourism. On the other hand, it provides examples of the different types of economic analysis needed by decision makers at the local as well as national levels. Unquestionably, recently the budgets and investment check incentives set up in Guadeloupe by the government have showed a favourable bias towards the tourism sector, which is considered as a “magic cure” for economic activity and employment generations. In return to their commitment for providing the much needed finances, the authorities are now requiring a certain level of expertise to deal accurately with the determination of the direct and indirect effects of tourism on economic activity, particularly on the creation of wealth and employment.

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