The determinants of crime in Barbados

Author(s): Warner, Ann-Marie; Greenidge, Kevin (2001)

Created 22 Jul, 2001
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This paper attempts to determine some of the causes of crime in Barbados from 1980-1999 using a simultaneous equation model. Explanatory variables used in the analysis include the unemployment rate, the extent of prison overcrowding, the number of persons executed, per capita GDP, the number of policemen relative to the size of the population, expenditure on the police force, and the size of the population. The impact of these variables on house break-ins, robbery, larceny, rape, murder, indecent assault, and overall crime are examined. Results suggest that prison overcrowding and unemployment are positively related to crime while police development expenditure, police per capita and real GDP for the most part, exerted negative influences on crime.

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