Impact of WTO agreements on meat demand in the Caribbean

Author(s): Francillette, Tessa (2001)

Created 22 Jul, 2001
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"One of the agreements that emanated from the Uruguay Round of negotiations was to ""bound"" tariffs on all agricultural products and to reduce these tariffs by 24% over the 10 year period 1995-2004 in the case of developing countries. This process could have implications for the demand of most agricultural products. This paper therefore examines the potential impact of these changes in Caribbean countries trading regimes on the demand for meat. This is done by estimating five types of differential demand systems and thereafter using the results to simulate the impact of the tariff rate changes on price and the demand for beef, mutton, pork and poultry. The paper finds that given the high price elasticity of demand for poultry in the Caribbean any reduction in its price could lead to a significant increase in the demand for poultry in the region. However, this would also result in reduced demand for the other types of meat such as beef, pork and mutton."

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