Barbados: the development of a value added tax

Author(s): Craigwell, Roland C; Dalrymple, Kelvin; Moore, Merton (1996)

Created 22 Jul, 1996
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This paper details the process of implementation of the Valued Added Tax (VAT). It cites some of the conceptual and administrative difficulties faced. In addition, the paper gives a concise picture of the legislation, including schedules on zero-rating and exemptions. Among the reasons for Barbados’ implementation of the VAT was, a) to reduce the complexity of the existing indirect tax system, b) to reduce the high level of duties and taxes on imported extra-regional goods and, c) to avoiding cascading. The complexity of the system had been known for some time, but efforts to correct it have been limited. Indeed the only attempt to ever correct this was the failed attempt at a sales tax in the 1970s.

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