Tribute To Professor Oliver Headley

Created 10 Apr, 2002
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Barbados has lost one of its most creative minds.  Professor Oliver Headley, CHB, who delivered the Twenty-Second Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture on the topic "The Sun Will Still Shine When the Oil Runs Out" in November 1997, combined both scholarship and innovation.  He displayed throughout his entire career the qualities which the region needs in order to move to the cutting edge of scientific enquiry.  In addition, his research was of a quality that could be commercialized into marketable products.  Professor Headley's work placed Barbados among the front runners in the area of the conceptualization and design of important innovations.  He has also made significant contributions to Barbados' ability to boost its economic development through proper management of its natural resources.

As a friend and colleague, I consider his passing a significant loss to Barbados, the region and to the field of scientific innovation.

Dr. Marion V. Williams
Central Bank of Barbados.

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