Bank issues coin to commemorate the Bridgetown Synagogue's 350th Anniversary

Created 15 Dec, 2004
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The Central Bank of Barbados today announced the minting of 100 gold coins to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the Bridgetown Synagogue.

In making the announcement, Governor Dr. Marion Williams said that the coin was undoubtedly a valued addition to the Bank’s Numismatic programme and a prized collector’s item.

Governor Williams stated further that   the Bank was delighted to have minted the coin to celebrate such a historic milestone of the Bridgetown Synagogue, which  is reported to be one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. 

Priced at BDS$1000.00 each, the reverse side of the coin carries the inscription “350th Anniversary of The Bridgetown Synagogue” and the denomination “fifty dollars”.

In addition, the coin features a rum barrel in the centre with the initials “M T” on the top of the barrel.  This 18th Century coin, which was used as currency, was minted by the Jewish merchant, Moses Tolanto, who is also credited with its design.

The coin is available at the Central Bank of Barbados. The Bank encourages the public, especially collectors, to purchase this very valuable souvenir.

In addition to issuing circulation currency to the public, the Central Bank of Barbados has for many years been making a number of souvenir coins and coin sets available to collectors as part of its Numismatic programme. 

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