A Chronicle of the Central Bank of Barbados' Activities Over the Past 30-Odd Years is now Available

Created 06 Apr, 2005
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Barbadians can now easily access information on Central Bank’s policies implemented between 1972 and 2004.

The up-to-date, comprehensive data is contained in “Chronicle of Central Bank Policy 1972 - 2004” which the Bank recently published. This is the fourth issue of this publication. The first covered the period 1973 - 1979; the second was published in 1987; and the third was issued in 1997.

Intended for researchers, scholars, central bankers, commercial bankers, businesspeople and any student interested in monetary policy and central banking in Barbados, the reference document chronicles all of the Bank’s policy initiatives between 1972 and 2004.

The chronicle covers policies pertaining to credit, interest rates, exchange rates, exchange control policies and information on how the Bank facilitated the availability of finance to exporters, small businesses and other producers.

Central Bank Governor Dr. Marion Williams, in commending the publication to all Barbadians interested in monetary policy and central bank initiatives, said that the highlights in the document included the phased liberalisation of foreign exchange controls.  She disclosed that this section was enhanced with the presentation of chronological changes affecting activities such as imports, travel, business, investments and relations with CARICOM.

“I am happy to announce that users of this document will also find information on the Bank’s initiatives and efforts as they relate to the important international business sector,” the Governor stated.

Mrs. Norene Trent, Statistical Officer, and Miss Celeste Wood, Deputy Director, Research, produced “Chronicle of Central Bank Policy 1972 - 2004”. Copies can be obtained from the Central Bank of Barbados.

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